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  • Internally Secure - no 3rd parties have access to your data
  • Flexible - you have full control over schedules and content
  • Complex sites with significant personalisation can be handled
  • Bespoke Web Site scraping software supplied
  • Programming and set-up
  • Training
  • IT Support
  • Unlimited number of records (subject to site limitations)

If you handle sensitive data - customer records or critical commercial data we offer a solution that keeps all data handling in-house.

You have full control over the security of your input data and the results.

We supply the software, programming and training to search and retrieve from the web.

Sensitive CONTENT Price and data collection

You control all the content, the scheduling, the results and data manipulation.

We will tailor the package to dovetail into your existing infrastructure.

We give 24/7 IT support.